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Barb Welcer RN

Barb Welcer BAS, RN

Founder of

RN, integrative/holistic nurse board certified.

Energy medicine practitioner since 1993

Health and wellness nurse coaching board certified.

Meditation, guided imagery, Reiki

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 1998.

25 years emergency room experience, community education.

Facilitate group process, retreats, classes, workshops.

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Why do I need a Health Coach?

  • Establish and maintain goals for Health and well-being

  • Managing pain, stress and anxiety

  • Sustaining balance in your life

  • Following through with your physicians’ lifestyle recommendations

How Does Health Coaching Work?

  • Using active listening skills, the Health Coach walks along side you in your journey towards improved balance of health and well-being

  • Powerful questions and conversation to support accountability towards your goals

  • One on one sessions by skype, teleconference or in person

  • Will collaborate with your physician if needed to provide evidence based education