1. How is energy medicine practiced?

Practitioners consciously use their hands to move the flow of energy in and around the body, encouraging balance and harmony. Clients stay fully clothed, all techniques can be done with or without touch. Energy medicine is always used in conjunction with regular medical care from your doctor.


2. How does it work?

On going research continues to support positive outcomes. We may see an improvement in measurements of blood pressure, pulse and respiration. The relaxation response is supported decreasing stress and anxiety and pain.


3. Is energy medicine spiritual?

There is no particular belief system or religious affiliation associated with energy medicine or the Healing Touch Program. Many people find that energy work touches them deeply on many levels.


4. Can anyone do it?

Yes, everyone has the ability to use their hands for healing. With intention and an open heart one may balance their own energy field or those of family and friends creating a softer yet stronger balance of body, mind and spirit. Children can learn how to do energy work and many times know intuitively what to do.


5. Is there any age restrictions to receiving energy medicine treatments?

Energy treatments may be beneficial for newborns to the elderly. There is no apparent contraindication for energy work, it can be used daily for self care.