About Nurse Coaching

About Nurse Coaching

Integrative Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching (IHWNC) is different from the medical model where the provider tells you directly what you need to do and how to do it by using direct questions. Often times we know what we are suppose to do to obtain the best of health, but the journey on how to get there is where we lose our way. Integrative Nurse Coaching guides the client with powerful questions and accountability that encourage the client to use their inner resources and knowledge to move into health and healing.

Do you want to create balance, healing, transformation in your everyday life?

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Changing habits and direction in our physical, mental, emotional outlook on life may be challenging but not impossible.

My varied clinical nursing experience affords the client the unique opportunity to work with a seasoned holistic nurse.

"Health and wellness coaching for creating balance, healing, transformation in your everyday life."